Best Inexpensive Security Camera System

Best Inexpensive Security Camera System Under $50

Do you want to establish home security at a budget? If it is the case then today I would like to share details of 4 cheap security cameras you can consider for your next shopping.

1. Foscam Certified Refurbished 1080P WiFi Security IP Camera

Foscam is a well-known brand for a home security system. If you need an affordable security option for your home then I suggest you grab the Refurbished camera from this brand. It comes with a 90-day warranty. When it comes to getting the clear picture and view, you will happy to have full HD 1080P resolution. Its tilt rotates in a way that you are able to grab a full 360-degree view. Your safety level will be high-tech due to Foscam cloud which comes with advanced encryption security. In simple words, your video and footage won’t be accessible by any person. Only the owner of the application can see what is happening in his home.

Price $49.99

2.HUGOAI WiFi 1080P HD Home Security Surveillance Camera Face Detection

Don’t look at the price of this security camera because you might think it is an ordinary camera; while it is not the case at all. This motion detected security camera brings optimal night vision so you can get a clear view of an area even when there is little or no light. Two-way audio allows you to keep an eye on your baby and pet activities. What I like the most about this cheap security camera is its face-detection facility. Actually, it recognizes familiar faces such as it will alert you when your kids will arrive home. In case there is a stranger in your home then you will get notification right that time, so you can take necessary measures. When it comes to setting this device, you should know that this camera works only with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. This wireless security camera is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Price $49.99

3.[2019 Newest] Security Camera, Nextrend HD Wireless WiFi IP Camera

Mothers always search for the cheap security cameras which they can use to secure their babies at home. In such a scenario, Nextrend brought wireless security cam with advanced features and functionality. If you are looking for good quality day/night vision, secure cloud service, easy setup or smart motion detection then you will be happy to know that this affordable camera has the full package.  Best of all, it brings wider vision and multi-view features, so you can check multiple areas at the same time without switching the location. Two-way audio makes it simple for you to communicate with your loved one even when you are far away from the home. What you need more?

Price $29.99

4.WiFi Camera Outdoor Security Camera 1080P Wireless IP Camera Waterproof

The problem with a wireless security camera is the instability of connection and losing the video footage. But now this problem has been resolved with the mean of powerful Wi-Fi firmware that brings stable connection and data transmission. The good thing about this cheap security camera is that you are able to schedule motion detection. There are certain times when you are not at home but require a security shield. In such a situation, this camera will do motion surveillance for you and send you an alert via SMS or email. This camera comes with a strong and durable aluminum metal case which can resist harsh weather. Therefore, you can set this camera outdoor without worrying about the weather.

Price $37.99

Wrap Up

Finally, you got details of 4 security camera which are super affordable. Though they come with a low price but their features are not less than an expensive security system. With any of these cameras, you are able to build a security shield inside your home at a price you can afford.

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