Best long Range Wireless security camera System

In this busy life where everyone is working like a robot to achieve his goals, some people forget to keep their valuable things in a safe place. Sometimes people go for an outing and when they come back they shocked to see their robbed house and cut off security camera connection. Their little negligence makes them regret their decision.

Therefore, the world has progressed so much in the field of technology to stop the crime and protect the people and their worthy things from robbers or criminals. The modern technology has introduced the best long-range wireless security camera system which assists you to take care of your house, office, and more. These security cameras provide long-range high-quality video. You can connect your mobile with these security camera systems and see live videos anywhere anytime.

Traits of a long-range wireless security camera system

Nowadays, security cameras have become an essential need for security of house, office, bank, and more. If you have a wireless connection then you can see inside or outside of the house on mobile while staying at some distance. Some traits of long-range wireless security camera systems are listed below. You can read them and know more about them.

  • Security cameras help to stop the crime and in any case, if someone violates the law then police investigate it and punish the criminal. These security cameras are mostly installed on the roadside so that people follow traffic rules.
  • These security cameras covered footage of large areas with high resolution and store information so that it can be used later.
  • In companies, the data of thousands of people are stored. Anyone can hack the data and leak the information of clients. Therefore, a wide range of wireless security cameras is installed for security.
  • These wireless security cameras are settled at some height and these identify the movements of people. These require no connection and can easily be used.
  • Mostly the houses or other places are robbed at night because of everyone asleep at that time. Some cameras have a feature of night vision through which a clear image of a robber can be seen.

Functioning of long-range wireless security camera

Wireless security cameras work with more accuracy than wired cameras. Its installation process is also trouble-free. Such kinds of security cameras work with lithium-polymer batteries but some require power cable for charging. Just fix it at some specific height through which the surroundings can be seen and put batteries in it. It will begin to perform its function and continue to transmit the signal to the receiver.

Some best long-range wireless security cameras

Various types of security cameras are available in the market but it is very difficult to choose which one is best. For your convenience, the description of some amazing long-range wireless security cameras are as follow:

Sequro GuardPro DIY 720P HD Long-range wireless Security Camera

The security system of this camera works in extreme weather conditions. It has two 720 pixels cameras that capture audio and video both simultaneously and one 7-inch monitor which provides live streaming with high-quality resolution. You can connect the smartphone with this camera and check the surroundings of your house by staying at distance. This camera can store data of 256 GB in its built-in SD card.


  • This 720-pixel camera can be installed at every place and very easy to use.
  • Its night vision feature records inside and outside footage either in extreme weather.
  • It is made up of one lithium polymer battery and works 24 hours continuously.
  • This wireless security system detects the motion of a range of more than 1000 feet.

Arlo Technologies Wireless Security Camera 

Arlo is the best security camera that requires no wire system. It is very small in size and can be fit anywhere. Voice control devices that operate with voice recognition like Alexa and more are available in the market. This security camera operates with these tools.


  • The security system of this device works accurately in extreme hot and cold weather.
  • Arlo wireless security cameras can record the footage of about 300 feet and all recordings are stored in the base station.
  • The specialty of this camera is that it has an alerting system such that in case of any emergency its alarm ring.
  • It requires no wire connection and promotes high-quality video streaming.

Final Verdict

Development in modern technology has made the life of common people more comfortable and protective. Whenever you go outside for outing, you need not worry about anything because the long-range wireless security cameras provide you inside and outside view of the house. You can also bring these wireless security cameras everywhere. These cameras are not expensive and performed more functions than wired cameras. So, if you want to protect your house, area, and office from any accident then you must fix these security cameras. Fix the camera at some height and feel protective.

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