Best Spy Camera Wifi 3 Mini Hidden For Monitoring

Do you want to keep an eye on your baby nursery? Or just want to set a hidden camera for spying purposes? I suggest you to consider getting the best spy camera wifi. This camera requires nothing but a wireless connection to get activated. You can get its live feed right on your smartphone whenever you tap on the application associated with the camera.

1.FREDI Spy Hidden Camera 720P Wireless WiFi IP Cameras Home/Office Security Mini Portable Covert Nanny Cam Works for iPhone iOS/Android mobile phone PC

It is super affordable Wireless spy camera wifi which you can use for both home and office security purpose. This camera comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. That means there is no port or wire you have to handle. Just charge your camera and use it. It allows you to get 60 minutes of recording. The 1-hour recording is made easy with this mini camera. Its weight is minimal, therefore you are able to carry it alongside you. In case you want to do more recording then you can connect the device with a power bank or an outlet. Non-stop recording can be done without any kind of problem this way. You can set the motion detection with this camera. As soon as any motion happens, you will get alert. It supports 32GB microSD card which you need to buy separately.

2. Spy Camera WiFi, Ehomful Mini Wireless Hidden Camera Real 960P, Auto Night Vision Monochrome Covert, Built-in Magnet, No Lags&No Freeze Streaming for Streaming, Support Multiple Viewers

It is the world’s smallest mini spy camera which has great features. When you look at its size, you might think that it won’t work really great. But you will surprise to know that this hidden wireless spy camera allows you to record real 960P video.  Although it works on wireless connectivity you won’t see any video freezing or lags. You will get continuous video recording which can be viewed by multiple people at the same time.  What I like the most about this camera is that its setting is quite easy. Actually, it is designed with a built-in magnet. So, you can set this camera at any metal surface as quickly as you want. As soon as this camera detects low light situation then its IR sensor turns on, that’s mean you don’t have to turn on the night vision; it will happen automatically.

3.Spy Camera,Relohas Hidden Camera WiFi HD 1080P Recorder, Covert Cameras Infrared Night Vision, Monitoring Detection,Wireless Nanny Cam Sony Lens Indoor Home Security (Black)

When you are looking for very high-quality video streaming such as 1080P then this kind of Spy camera wifi will end your search. This camera works great at night since it has 12 infrared lights which brings crystal clear vision. You can set up motion detection. Once you have the application installed on your smartphone, you can not only do live streaming but also enjoy playback facilities. One thing which makes this mini spy camera different from other wireless hidden camera is that it will let you watch your room content even there is no wifi. It would be possible due to CAMVIP advanced application.


I shared details of three best-hidden cameras which you can set in your baby nursery and keep an eye on your baby activity. As soon as he wakes up, you will get alert. The first camera comes at a lower price than the other two options. But if you need advanced features you will have to pay a bit more.

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