Home Security Camera in North America is estimated to grow significantly

Home Security Camera Overview

With the growing number of crimes worldwide, it is necessary to use security systems for houses, schools, and work buildings. The home security camera market is growing because of the continuous increase of the threats to the lives of normal people, which is becoming a concern in recent times. A home security camera focuses on the premises of the home building and inside the home, providing security to the homeowner and building owners. One can install a home security camera in the home and surrounding houses for protection. It has video features that record continuously, which helps the owners detect the suspicious activities occurring in the house or the building. Due to the market’s growth, various cameras have come to the market like wireless cameras, dome cameras, etc. The recently developed PTZ camera helps users monitor actions around the house. Many types of cameras are available with much different technology, but the key purpose is to monitor and store videos of the house for security purposes. The increased need for security and easy installation of the cameras in the premises helps the key driver of the market. The security camera is already growing as many officers have used it to protect the office from leaking any sensitive information. But using those in houses is recently improving. These features would help in the growth of the home security camera market. By 2023, the home security camera market is expected to gain USD 1,306.3 million. A perfect security system is very much necessary for protection.

Market Segmentation

The segmentation of the home security camera market is expected to affect the market’s overall growth and depend on the market size. The home security camera market is segmented by product, type, resolution, and services. The product is segmented into a dome security camera, bullet security camera, and IP security camera.

By type, it is further divided into the indoor security camera and outdoor security camera. Based on the resolution, the market is segmented into HD and Non-HD. According to services, it is divided into professional and managed. By product, in 2017, the market showed growth by a dome security camera. By type, the market was topped by outdoor security, with the resolution segment; in 2017, the market size increased with the HD and based on services, the market grew due to professional services in 2017; all of these segment is expected to grow and show high CAGR in upcoming times.

Regional Analysis

As the technology market in different regions is growing, the security concern is increasing. North America was leading the market and expected to grow in the recent period. With many start-up companies and established companies, the wide need for a home security camera increases in the region. The rise of technology, government policies improvement, and infrastructure advancement in the Asia Pacific region increase the market’s growth.

Industry News

Google has launched a new floodlight camera, which is very bright and shows smart alerts but consists of an odd design that is not attractive for the consumers.

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