How To Detect Hidden Camera with Mobile Phone

Self-privacy and safety are the two top most priorities of every human being. Cameras are a device which are the most helpful and vulnerable in terms of self-privacy and can work as a two way sword like it can play a vital role in protecting you and your thing and ensuring your safety but on the other side it can also be used against you in the form of a spy device if inserted by any of your enemy or a person who wants to keep an eye on you or your movement for any evil purposes. This is a point to worry for every person who thinks that he or she is being or can be monitored. Anybody who is holding grudges against you and wants to hurt you in any means can use a camera to keep an eye on you and can absolutely do what so ever they want. The other main issue that is very common nowadays is installing spy cams at different rooms and change rooms and then blackmailing people. This is a very serious crime as well as a very unethical thing to breach someone personal without delaying further let’s get on the topic that how can we actually detect hidden cameras and listening devices. We will be telling you some very helpful ways and technique to find out hidden cameras and listening devices.

  • Switching off lights

You can detect hidden and night vision cameras by switching off your lights of that certain place like changing room of some garments shop or a hotel room where you are going to stay for the night. Night vision or hidden cameras usually have red or green led lights which will blink in the dark, making you aware of their existence.

  • How To Detect Hidden Camera With Mobile Phone

It is a very simple task, you just need to make a call to any of your friends or family member and move around the room, the hidden surveillance would give a special radio frequency that would interfere with your call signals and in this way you would know about the presence of any hidden camera or listening device if any. In this way when you move around and at the point you find any interference look at that place carefully to find a hidden camera there.

There is another way to detect hidden camera with mobile phone .you just have to switch off all the lights and all you have to do is look at your mobile phone camera from all sides of your room.Your mobile camera will tell you where hidden camera is.

  • Mobile Application

The other very important and useful modern technique to find out the presence of a hidden camera or listening device by your phone is by installing an application for both android and apple like spy hidden camera detector. This application will display  a red glow when near the hidden camera along with other radio interference devices. This is the best way actually to find the hidden cameras and listening devices because it is hell convenient and mobile friendly as well .The best advantage of it is that it is in a device which is always with us and its convince is that we don’t need any other device for our  safety and privacy purpose.

  • Mirror technique

There are many cheapsters who would install spy camera on the other side of the mirror to see through. This mess actually happens a lot nowadays .To check this what we actually need to do before using the room is put your finger in the center of the mirror and see, if there is a gap between your finger and mirror there is no spy cam but if your finger tips and mirror touch fully then there is a spy cam there. This is actually a very simple technique to find and pinpoint hidden spy cameras manually.

  • Flashlight technique

This is a very easy technique, all you need to do is oon the flashlight of your phone and switch off the lights of that certain place. Then move around slowly and wisely and look for reflection from any corner, the moment you get one search that corner or place of  and you will surely find something there like a hidden camera.

  • Detecting devices.

The other best ways to find hidden security cameras and listening devices is by detecting devices. The sources of buying these devices can be from amazon and specially through our site because we shortlist and provide you with the best products along with the most economical prices .When it comes to detecting devices RF signal detectors can be very efficient to locate hidden cameras .the only issue with RF signal detector is that it only detects a single kind of frequency and if the hidden camera or listening device changes its frequency rapidly then the RF device might not be able to detect it. All in all RF signal detector is a competent device and can be used well .you can also use lens in this device and locate main angles and positions. This device can be very effective in identifying hidden camera devices.

These are some very convenient and easy techniques to find out and locate hidden cameras and listening using these ways one can detect and find the presence of the hidden cameras and listening devices if there is any. We care about you the most because for us our customers are our top priority so before concluding my little writing I would also tell you about the shape of several hidden cameras that you need to be aware of because for us making you safe and aware is our goal. The shapes are USB flash drive, AC adapter type, smoke detector type and clock radio type. These are the new shapes and are available in the market. With the hope that you may never be a victim of spy cams and buy it for positive purposes.

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